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Air Conditioning - Ducted

Ducted Single Split System

Single split ducted systems, comprising of one indoor unit matched to one outdoor unit have similar heating and cooling capacities as the cassettes.

The indoor 'ducted' units are positioned above the suspended ceiling and insulated discharge and return air ducts are connected.

With an increased number of outlets (usually 4x grilles from a 12.50kw ducted system) air flow is improved via multiple airflow introductions.

Air Handling Units / Roof Top Packaged

Air handling units (AHUs) comprise of a simple large casing with pre filters, optional bag filters, a centrifugal fan, direct expansion coil (Dx) or LTHW / steam coil.

The roof top packaged units are a simple self contained single installation units, complete with refrigeration circuit, fans and filters.

These units can be located in plant rooms or alternatively on the buildings flat roof and ducted to the various areas via DW 144 specification ductwork.

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