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Computer Room

Computer Rooms can be controlled in various ways, however when installing a system some important considerations must be taken into account.

Basic Computer/Server Control

These smaller computer/server room applications can be cooled with certain ‘comfort cooling’ air conditioning systems.

These systems can cool down to 21°C, which is more than sufficient for the computer equipment and have the following features:

  • head pressure control – allowing for cooling throughout the winter
  • auto power restart – the system would restart after a power failure

Dedicated Close Control

The 'comfort cooling' systems outlined above have a few drawbacks especially in the larger computer rooms, as follows:

  • lower sensible heat ratio – dedicated units have a higher SHR
  • they continually cool with no humidity control – low humidity can cause static issues

With the use of a ‘close control system’ we could offer full heating, cooling, humidification and de-humidification control.

These console units can be configured in three major ways, listed in order of preference:

  • down flow - blowing conditioned air through a floor void and up through floor grilles
  • up flow - utilising ductwork above the ceiling or ‘on show’ suspended
  • free blowing – simply blowing directly into the room

Close control systems are ideal where accurate control of temperature and humidity within given parameters are required.

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