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Heating - Radiant Tubes

Radiant tubes are an extremely efficient way of heating a building, especially large open plan warehouses, sports halls, car showrooms etc.

They can also be used for spot heating (packaging area in a warehouse for example) as the heat is radiated from the appliance.

These energy efficient radiant tubes have various benefits to the end user:

  • reduced running costs - energy saving costs of up to 50%
  • temperature control – the tubes system can be configured for many different zones
  • uniform coverage – due to the high mounting height even coverage can be obtained
  • an effective method of ‘spot heating’
  • reduced high level heat losses compared to a warm air system
  • individually flued or combined into one ‘herringbone system’
  • maximises floor space – all tubes are mounted at 5.00m plus
Heating - Radiant Tubes

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