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Water Chillers

Water chillers are used mainly for two purposes, the first being to cool a process application such as injection moulding or plastic extrusion.

Chillers can also be used for comfort cooling, with the chiller just used for cooling and a boiler for heating or a heat pump chiller which does both.

Process Chillers

Process chillers are designed to produce a low output water temperature, with the addition of glycol, extremely low temperatures can be achieved with out freezing.

Process water chillers have the following features:

  • high energy efficiency inverter driven compressors
  • leaving water temperatures from -15°C to +25°C
  • internal pumps (packaged) or external pump sets
  • external ambient conditions from -20°C to 50°C
  • multi stage cooling with additional compressors
  • shell and tube or plate heat exchangers
  • internal or external use
  • internal water tanks

Air Cooled

Air cooled chillers have hot air removed from the condensing coil via a fan which vents into the factory, a heat recovery plant or to external air.

Water Cooled

For large capacity internal applications, where the heat normally generated by an air cooled chiller would be a problem, water cooled chillers are the answer.

Water cooled chillers typically use cooling tower water, and could be an ideal solution if a tower is already in place.

Comfort Cooling

Comfort cooling water chillers typically have a higher leaving water temperature than a process chiller, but still protected by glycol.

Individual fan coils positioned through out the building, either 2-pipe, for cooling only or heat pump chillers and 4-pipe for chiller and boiler connections.

Alternatively chilled water coils can be installed within duct work, this lends itself to cooling large areas such as shopping centres or factories.

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