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Air Conditioning – VRV / VRF

Variable Refrigerant Volume / Flow

VRV or VRF as they are sometimes called, were designed to air condition multiple offices where the outdoor space was limited.

These systems are ideally suited to offices, hotels and buildings that have limited space available for outdoor units against the number of indoor units required.

The system consists of a large outdoor condensing unit and via refrigerant pipe work connects to either a ‘multi box’ or split via REFNET joints to the indoor units.

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery allows a system to simultaneously heat and cool while running from the same outdoor condensing unit.

For example, two offices next to each other, one a glazed corner office and another next door with a small window. With heat recovery, one can be cooled and the other heated.

This ‘heat recovery’ is achieved by sending exhaust heat from the indoor unit set to cooling to the other areas that require heating.

Heat recovery can simply be defined as the reuse of energy available in some areas and then redistributed to others.

These are the most energy efficient system available and have some of the largest coefficient of performances (COP) available with figure quoted of up to 6:1.

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